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Become a Featured Member
Looking for ways of getting your portfolio seen? Become a Net-Model Featured Member. The featured members are seen on the main page, search engine, local area pages and outgoing Net-Model Nofication Emails. We offer 3 different Featured Member packages which are listed below.
$5 (US) Sponsorship 10,000 impressions Become a Featured
$10 (US) Sponsorship 22,000 impressions (10% More!) Become a Featured
$25 (US) Sponsorship 60,000 impressions (20% More!) Become a Featured
Sponsor a Net-Model Member
Want to express your appreciation for a Net-Model Member? We offer 5, 10 and 25 dollar Featured Member sponsorships. After your payment has been processed, the sponsored member receives email from Net-Model informing them that they have become a featured member.
$5 (US) Sponsorship 10,000 impressions Sponsor a Member
$10 (US) Sponsorship 22,000 impressions (10% More!) Sponsor a Member
$25 (US) Sponsorship 60,000 impressions (20% More!) Sponsor a Member
* - Net-Model featured membership spots use technology to maximize the featured users impressions. When a logged in user views a page with a featured member section, the website will return a featured member local to them first. If there is no featured member in their area, then it will retrieve the closest featured member for their area.