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Ok, so I snapped this one on Monday and my buddy, another tog, thinks I should crop the hell out of it. I have just opened it in PS and showed gridlines and, if I am to have the face on the focal point, then, yes, I do need to crop. Having done so, it doesn't look right to me. What would you guys do with it, or should I go with my instinct and leave as is?

Posted By: Solveman 07-11-2013 07:19pm
Me personally? I would leave it alone it shows a stunning backdrop to a stunning picture

Posted By: Blackfirestorm 07-11-2013 07:22pm
Either burn the sky or crop the sky out maybe? A large white expanse especially on the perimeter of a shot can be quite distracting. Nice shot tho!

Posted By: Andy22 07-12-2013 03:45am
Thanks, Andy, I had considered that. Nice comment, Firestorm, thank you. And, yes, I had considered the greens but, personally, liked the feel as they were :)


Posted By: Solveman 07-12-2013 04:41am
Suggestion: Ask yourself "What do I want the view to look at first; where do I want to lead the viewer's eye?"

Once you have the answer, use cropping and shading to take the viewer's eye there.

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Posted By: Ace 07-12-2013 05:31am
As already mentioned, depends where you want the viewers eye to lock on to. As a scenic shot it looks great, but you wouldn't normally have someone lying on a bed of potentially sharp rocks in the corner, to me, that makes the model look out of place. The rocks and model are sharp in the picture which leads me to believe this is the point of focus, if the model and the wall is main point of the picture then you should crop in taking out the at least the blown out sky. If a scenic shot then you'll need to recover the sky, unless you shot this in RAW, there is not much chance in bringing back the sky as there is no info in the picture to recover from, may need to find another sky and layer it in using the masking layer and opacity taken down.

This is a good picture but, to me, it covers two genres, you need to choose which one you'd prefer, or have 2 copies, one cropped and one not.

Posted By: AndyPaul 07-12-2013 09:40am
Thanks, Ace and AndyPaul.

Posted By: Solveman 07-12-2013 03:15pm
OK, I took all the advice on board. Better?

Posted By: Solveman 07-12-2013 04:35pm
This is another at the same spot. Colours and levels have been edited but is uncropped. I was happy with the framing.

This is my first model shoot using late evening/ sunset light. Certainly won't be my last. I just love the light and the highlights it gave. Actually, I was supposed to be there at around 7pm but my model was running late so we didn't get on location until after 8pm. I think it did me a favour.

For those concerned about the sharp wall, Amy was able to lay between the sharp bits :) I am always concerned for my model's welfare... especially as she is my niece.

Posted By: Solveman 07-12-2013 04:46pm
In the second image your instinct ~ or photographers eye ~ has done what you were asking about in the first image.

In my opinion, the killer on the original is the bleached sky, once that is gone the image improves dramatically


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Posted By: martyn 07-14-2013 12:10pm
I hope this doesn't sound harsh but if I had known you had the second shot, my advice would have been not to bother with the first. At best it was only ever going to be a rescue job.

As Martyn says, the second shot has a lot of the qualities that we have talked about. A much better shot all round.

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Posted By: Ace 07-14-2013 03:49pm
It's never harsh, Ace, if it's honest critique from someone that knows what they are talking about. Thank you for your opinion. Thanks everyone for your input.

Posted By: Solveman 07-14-2013 04:10pm
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