So many people still use this forum?
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I haven't been on Net Model for a couple of years. However after logging back on, there seems to be very little activity in any of the forums. Most of the local models profiles say they haven't logged in for a year.

Have people moved to another forum? I'm interested in attending group shoots, workshops, and looking for TFCD models in SW UK. Any recommendations of sites/forums?

Posted By: prophet 03-20-2015 01:00pm
Me too Ive just come back and it seems a bit baron on here doesnt it.

Posted By: zestglamour 04-22-2016 08:17am
A lot have moved on to other sites or just plain retired to do other things, net-model is one of the oldest model/photographer sites which has never been updated to include the newer online links eg facebook/twitter/instagram etc, So a lot of newer people who joined in 2012 - 2015 have already left because of lack of integration with what they consider to be essential to their way of doing things. Links are everything to some and not to others. Some of us die-hards refuse to leave as there is no drama here, we just upload when we have things to share and carry on with with our lives. Yes there is a lack of models on this site and the same can be said on all sites as there have always been (about) roughly 10 - 20 photographers to one model (who lives no where near you). As I write there are 1203 photographers and 150 models online on PP, NM has 12 photographers and 1 model online, PS has 11 photographers and 4 models online. I know that a lot of models/photographers are working as I write and the numbers will shoot up after 6pm (some won't even change) but that's the way it is, even the busiest site has quiet times where the forums don't change for an age (if you're in a hurry that is). Then there are the ones who have been gone for years then come back expecting it to be the same as they left it 5 years ago - things/people change and unfortunately for some others move on... :)

Posted By: NoNoizePhotography 04-22-2016 09:08am
I've been off the model shooting scene for a while whilst working on the house etc. etc.

With the prospects of having a bit more time hopefully in the future I have started to look at sites I have been a member of and find them quite disappointing compared with what they were a few years ago.

I know a lot of students are able to study photography at college/university so can get their mates to pose. I am wondering if this may be one reason.

Quite frankly I thought a lot of the models ( on different sites) were of the model wanna be class, thats the impression I had. I must say I was quite surprised.

Posted By: LBphotoGraphics 08-25-2016 10:27am
I still get all the shoots I need from NM

Posted By: MattMiller 08-25-2016 03:00pm
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