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Looking for a model just for portrait wook.We are a small group of amateur photographers,with a small budget so want a model from the Basildon,Essex area,so we can keep our cost down.We can pick you up and drop you of after as well.The shoot will be at 11am to 1pm so a duration of 2 hrs and will be on wed 1st of March.Can contact me for more info

Posted By: FrankFoto 02-09-2017 02:46pm
I'm from Essex if you ever need a model :)

Posted By: michelle121 06-06-2017 04:05pm
Hi, are you still looking? Essex based here.

Posted By: Julie_w 06-14-2017 04:00am

I would be interested if your ever looking for a model.


Posted By: Amorina 08-02-2017 02:08pm
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