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quoting post from  doctorontop:

I have been in touch with James. And I have some good news, despite having to rebuild his home after twister destroyed it. He has been working away at coding Net Model 2.0. The new site should be ready to go into beta testing early in the New Year and then hopefully going live shortly afterwards.

The new site has been designed and rewritten from scratch in a modular format. This allows for any changes and/or new functionality to be added in a much, much faster and more efficient way. The current site that we are using today was built up over the years in a haphazard fashion and stitched up using different coding languages and then further patched together like spaghetti junction, making it a nightmare to code even the simplest of changes and/or modifications.

James does not want to launch the new site full of bugs, that from the very start would need sorting out on the hoof. He will be posting details as to when the new site will go live. So as to not disappoint, a predicted release date will not be forthcoming at the moment. He wants to get a better idea as to any possible number of bugs that may need fixing, their possible level of complexity and a realistic and achievable timeframe, to patch up anything that the beta testing round may throw up.

I hope this news will boost the morale of those members, who like me are firmly attached to NM and really want to see the site come alive again.

I really hope this comes to fruition.
I have travel plans for the early part of the year but I am hoping to re-invigorate my interest for model photography in the second quarter and a resurgent net-model site would be very welcome.
None of the other sites has ever come close to the community feel of net-model in its prime, and I will renew premium membership the instant I see signs of a real attempt to resurrect the site.

Once James has done his part it will be up to the members to do the rest, and it is clear there is still a hardcore of NM enthusiasts to begin the process.

Looking forward to 2015 with a little more enthusiasm now.

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This is good news we will keep watching and hope this comes into affect.

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