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Author Topic : Forum Overview (Guideline Topic)

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Posting Threads

This forum is for those either wanting to promote their studio or are looking for a studio/location for a shoot. If your post does not meet this criterion, please do not submit it to this forum. Furthermore, please take the time to read the guideline for this forum and the Forum Rules for the site. Posts that disregard these rules will be removed with or without warning.

When submitting a new thread, we have a "Location" field provided for your convenience. While it is not required to enter the location, it will assist others when searching for job postings in a particular area. Also, including the date of the event is extremely helpful for members browsing the forum to see what events are upcoming. Please be sure to disclose as much information as possible on what you are looking for. Be professional. Take the time to write your post intelligently. Use proper grammar and spell check before submitting it to the site. You will get a much better response by doing so.

Posting Replies

Users who are replying to a thread from this forum take the time to read the guidelines for this forum and the Rules and Guidelines for the site. Posts that disregard these rules will be removed with or without warning.

We kindly ask that replies to job postings be directly relevant to the topic on hand. Furthermore, we ask that if you are not interested in participating or obtaining more information about the event that you refrain from replying to the thread. This includes users who question the compensation, location, services provided, or any other aspect of the post, with the sole intent to either disrupt the interest the post might generate. If you feel that the post might be a scam, please use the Report to Moderator feature.

If, at any time, you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the moderator of this forum or a Net-Model administrator.

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