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Author Topic : 'Off Topic' Forum 

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Views : 1946  Oct 22, 2009 10:33am

Much has been said of the 'image' of the site recently and its supposed 'slide' downhill.

I would suggest that in order to make the site appear more photographically biased and professional, the 'Off Topic' forum is ammended to never appear on the home page.

It allows those who want a 'more professional image' to the site to have one, but still allows those who want to post more lighthearted threads. Those that want the 'Off Topic' forums can easily access them and the site has more photography threads on the front page..

I believe it may be a suitable compromise without detracting from the community within the site.

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RE: 'Off Topic' Forum Oct 22, 2009 10:49am

Hi Simon, How's tricks?

It's difficult I think. I mostly agree with your idea - other sites look more professional (if full of a lot of smoke-blowing and bullshit about just how good / successful everyone is) ... however

... on the other hand I REALLY love NM's homepage structure and the immediacy and personal (and UK-centric) feel that it shows.

Maybe a good compromise:

Keep the listed amounts of recently updated off-topic threads to maybe only 3 (pre-LOGIN), in a seperate box (below) the other ones. That way more photography / modelling / MUA / commercial driven threads would dominate.

Once you have logged in ... then you could personalise your options of which forums take dominance on your own homepage?


I really like NM because it is NOT MM or some of the more elitist sites that everyone can show off on. It is down to earth on the whole and some models and photographers are very good at 'telling it like it REALLY is, in real life'. I would HATE it if NM became more like MM or others

"Luv ya work hun" "Awesome"


"Bathed in natural light, let me capture you, just a fraction of a second at a time"

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