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Author Topic : Editing favourites (favorites, even) 

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You can look at a list of all your favourites by choosing Favourites>Edit folder. And you can check any faves and delete them there.


You can't click on a name in the list to see that person's portfolio! And if you can't remember exactly who each person is without a look at their portfolio, you don't have any basis for deciding whether you want to keep them on the list or not.


You can go through your favourites in the normal (alphabetical only) view, where you can see when they were last active on NM, as well as seeing their thumbnail. And you can delete them in that view as well.


Every time you delete a fave in this view, you're brought back to the first page of your faves, not to the page you were on when you made the deletion. Which is sloooow...

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