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Author Topic : BUG- Will Travel/ Won't Travel Section 

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Hello everyone!

I think this may concern models more than photographers but every couple months or so I have noticed that in the "Experience and travel" section of your model profile page, the website changes the settings from "Will travel" to "Won't travel" on a random basis.

Obviousley if you are a model this could affect your bookings, as you may not show up in photographers search results- i.e if they are only looking for models that travel!

To check or change this go to:

Account- Edit Portfolio- and under experience and travel section click “Will Travel”. Then save your changes.

I ususally find this happens to me every couple of months or so and keep an eye on the settings.

I am not sure whether this affects photographers or not, I will log in to my photography account and see a little later.

If this has already been reported my apologies but its happened to me again very recently as I had to change the settings today.

I thought it may be particularly useful for models wondering why they have less popularity than before in the search results.

Best wishes,


HelenDiaz / HelenDiazphotography

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P.S I have just checked my photography account (this account) and the Bug hasn't affected my settings for Travel (and I have not logged in for a while). So it appears it is just affecting models accounts.


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Hi Helen,

Thanks for reporting this. I will look into the matter immediately. I'll post a follow up once I find out what's going on.


James Hussein
Managing Member, Net-Model, LLC.

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