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Author Topic : Need some colour this winter? 

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Book a Full Day at the studio this winter and choose ANY colour from the Colorama range and we will make sure its here when you arrive.

London Studio in NW2 available for day hires.

Here is what is available:

2.75 metre wide paper rolls in black or white
A 4M wide white roller shutter door.
2X 500W Bowens Gemini Heads.
1X Softbox
1X Umbrella (can be converted from white to silver)
1X 5in1 Reflector
42inch beauty dish with honeycomb
snoot with honeycomb
Radio Trigger
50CM Diameter Fan
Free Parking
Outside Congestion Zone

Hire Prices Start at:

Full Day: £125
Half Day: £80
Hour: £20

A 10% Discount rate is available for Full Time Photography Students.

Note: A £5 per Metre paper charge may also apply if the paper is left in an unusable state

Let me know if you wish to discuss.

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