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Author Topic : Required a pro tog for a melancolic/moody style... in melbourne... TFP 

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i would like to do some shoots that show a lot of emotion of sadness/loneliness/broken-heart sort of thing but not a emo/goth thing, just a normal guy with normal life OR some fantasy style... could be fun and i always wanted to do something like that but never had the time... the photographer id like to have must have some experience and be creative and knows what he/she is doing... i havent got much imagination but i have a ruff idea... so anyone interested please let me know... and ofcorse it must be tfp/tfcd... something for fun and unique experience...

ps: i dont mean to be rude with the conditions i put, i know it makes me look like an ass expecting free stuff yet i dare put conditions... but i wouldnt like to end up with some boring tog that has no idea how to even hold the camera... no offence

thank youuuu oh and skills in photo manipulation is a massive bonus...

oh and one thing... i dont suffer depression or anything like that... im happy as but i always loved this artistic style...


Also this is my attempt at Photoshopping... u can tell i suck but eh i tried...

from this photo


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