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Author Topic : London, UK - Portfolio Updates and Z Cards... 

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Ladies... and even Gentlemen.

I am currently offering a RAW package for anyone who need images for their portfolio or agency tests and Z cards.

These images are to sell YOU... and not the photography. It's a chance to show your true self and real personality that normally gets masked behind a photographers Ideas, lighting, outfits and their editing.

The Idea is to use as little makeup as possible and as little retouching as possible, producing as close to the RAW file as possible.

It will be a 4 hour shoot in my studio in North London, in which you can change outfits up to 4 times, ranging along your levels from full outfits through to lingerie.

You will get to choose 10 images from the shoot, and those 10 images come with an Image licence that lets you Print, Post or Reproduce the images to your content... and there will be NO WATERMARKS OR LOGOS.

The cost...... £125.00.

Email me for details or to book,

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