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Author Topic : Studio day at Hallam Mill, Stockport 

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Studio day at Hallam Mill Photographic Studio. 10AM start.

Address: Unit 3A Hallam Mill
Hallam Street


Stockport Station and Davenport station are only minutes away. The studio is five Minutes from the M60 and has a car park.

£90 for 2 hrs one on one, 10.00, 12.10, 14.30 , 16.40 slots available

Please PM me for details


Professionals and Amateurs welcome; and there's help on hand if needed with lighting etc. This is the first Studio event I've done for over three years, so it should be lots of fun with the opportunity to create some marvellous images. This is probably the biggest and best natural light studio in the Northwest. Available for rental to both amateurs and professionals. Over 4000sq feet spread over two seperate Studios, ceiling high large windows allowing copious amounts of natural light. Also numerous Bowens flash and modifiers. Two manfrotto backdrop systems, varioius backdrops. Loads of props. Modern make up room and private changing area

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