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Author Topic : Amateur photographer looking for advice 

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Hello there everyone! Or at least the people who are reading this.

My name is Sioraff and I'm looking to get back into photography again. In 2011 I wanted to get involved in photography and I convinced a couple of good friends into posing for me for boudoir photoshoot, and one to try doing artistic nudes, and I loved doing it, it was great fun, we talked and enjoyed ourselves and got some nice pictures out of it!

Then I decided to move cities in May of 2011 and I fell out of doing it while looking for work. Now I'm back on my feet and I'm looking to get involved again, but also gaining more experience and knowledge.

I would like to keep my photography relatively amateur for now, but once I know the way I like to take photos and do it regularly, I'll be more willing to put some more into it. And I have a link to my Deviantart page that I intend to keep up to date.

So I'm here to just say hello, introduce myself and ask for advice, guidance and encouragement

Thank you all for reading my rather long rant and please, don't hesitate to mail me!

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City: Liverpool
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Welcome and good look.

As you have a free membership, look at reducing your images sizes and put a few more on... Also if you are a photographer, look at going silver or gold, as most models take you more seriously. Also do not be afraid to chat and contact people. Most of us do not bite...

Hope you do well...

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City: Crediton
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Continue with your very refreshing honesty. It will go down very well with both models and photographers. There are far too many posers on here and the other sites.

The temptation on NM is to go for the cheap option and do lots of TF/P shoots. For a complete beginner that can be a false economy. If you are complete beginner then the more experienced models will be reluctant to work with you as you will be unlikely to add to their portfolios. Plus, it will be the blind leading the blind.

To get you going consider paying an experienced model for their time. Then: a. you do not have to worry about directing the model and b. you can concentrate on getting the photography right. Which is more than enough to have to worry about when you are inexperienced. Do not be frightened of the experienced models on here. Most of them are lovely people as well as being lovely to look at and will be very happy to be supportive if you continue with your honesty about you skill level.

Make notes about HOW you shoot. Then when you look back over a shoot you will have some idea WHY things worked or went wrong. That does not mean huge amounts of writing as you have the Exif file but a brief few words about what you put where and why, will pay dividends.

If you have specific learning needs, post questions on NM. There are a few dweebs on here but the majority of photographers will be only too happy to help.

Huge Hairy Jeremy


Remember, Trolls' brains are silica based and only function properly at temperatures lower than minus 72 degrees Kevin.

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City: High Wycombe
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Welcome... and I couldn't agree more with the advice so far. Stay honest and open, show a wider range of work. Pay for the right models and workshops etc. you'll learn far faster than endless FTP with the blind leading the blind. TFP definitely has it's place, but it makes a massive difference when one of you knows exactly what they are doing and can help the other along.

Practice and prepare to fail as you'll learn far more from failure than you ever will from success.

This site has it's up's and downs, but there are still some great people who are willing to help anyone who appreciates it.

The main advice I have is to enjoy the people photography allows you to meet, value the trust everyone in front of your lens places upon you and have fun

Procrastinate now, don't put it off.

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City: Heywood
Country: United Kingdom
Member Since: Nov 12, 2012
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Hi there I just noticed this post and would like to offer to do some work with you to help you build up your portfolio. I have just sent you a message

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City: Basildon
Country: United Kingdom
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Since I have been a member here, I have found both models and photographers to be very supportive. Don't be afraid to ask for thoughts in the critique forum. I have found criticism to be constructive and never mocking or insulting. This is a great community.

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