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Author Topic : ColorMunki Owner.... Have a look! 

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Hi All,

Rather than re-write this, I thought I would share the email I have just sent to X-Rite, its self explanatory but would welcome any thoughts, comments and experiences, hopefully if it helps one other person my time hasn't been wasted. AND yes, I know the email below to X-Rite is a bit of a rant So here goes........

Dear X-Rite,

I have now been a proud owner of one of your ColorMunki Photo products for 4 years. When I purchased it I was assured I would have a calibrated system from "Screen to Print" and willingly parted with over £300 at a photographers trade show in the UK. What I didn't know at the time of purchase and have spent the last 4 years figuring out is that it is one of the worst products I would ever own and was going to cost me a small fortune in ink, paper and even printers! Confused, nothing new for X-Rite, so let me explain......

After returning home with my new Munki I immediately set about installing the software, connected the Munki and profiled my 2 screens, the results were fantastic and I could see the improvement instantly. Gone was the over bright screen, colour's looked better and more accurate to what I had seen when I shot the image and I was one very happy customer.

I then proceeded to profile one of my printers, a Canon S9000, which I loved as it was fast, produced fantastic colours and even the most critical of customer was happy with the prints I had supplied. Unfortunately for me the profile created by ColorMunki was awful, greys had a magenta colour cast over them, greens were washed out and almost brown, reds were orangey in appearance, hmmmm I thought..... Not good, what have I done wrong it has to be me as the screen profile looks so good!

Over the next 4 years I have thrown away 2 Canon S9000 printers, an Epson R220 printer, hundreds of pounds in ink, boxes of A4, A3 & A3+ paper, lost hundreds of hours of working time, hours and hours on the phone with Colour Confidence in the UK, X-Rite in both the UK and US and even spent 2 hours with an X-Rite technician a year later at the same trade show trying to work out what was wrong. I have read every section of ColorMunki support provided on the X-Rite website, only a week ago was told by your support team that the Munki is obviously faulty and is a consumable item so can't be repaired and I would need to buy a new one, BUT 4 years almost to the day of purchase, I have finally managed to get an accurate profile from my Munki.

Now X-Rite....... This bit is really important!!!

The ColorMunki software does not create print profiles correctly!

Today, out of shear desperation I downloaded (FREE OF CHARGE) the "Colour Management Tool Pro" from Canon's website. Installed the software and created a print profile using the ColorMunki to scan the charts (not using ColorMunki software). The results are spectacular, colours are again accurate, not dark and wishy washy. I have strong vibrant colours that match my screen perfectly, industry standard test prints are coming out of the printer correctly, again bright and vibrant not dull (even dark) and no magenta cast in the grey-scale images. Once again I can produce professional prints that match the quality of the images on screen.

So Mr X-Rite, thank you for a great product in the ColorMunki, it does work very very well (and doesn't need replacing)....... Just not with the software you provided with it!! Is it not about time someone from X-Rite actually holds their hands up and admits you got it wrong with this one, but if your level of support and customer service is anything to go by........ I doubt I even get a reply!


Daniel Slade

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I have had a Color Munki for about the same time.
Never had an issue with it.
I use both my own Color Munki generated print profiles, with an Epson P3800 and profiles made for me by paper suppliers Fotospeed, who do a free profile service on their own papers.

I certainly do not want to deny your experience, after all you had it but it does surprise me.

I wonder if there was some kind of conflict between your computer set-up (O/S, drivers for other kit etc.) and your Color Munki software. I am not good with the software side of things, so some one else would need to input on that.

Huge Hairy Jeremy


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Strange - mainly use an eye1 to calibrate my screen but borrowed a colour munki to calibrrate the printer. Initially I calibrated the screeen as well, but because I had already calibrate the screen I was calibrating an existing profile. This did cause issues. once I realised this, problem solved.

Somewhere I have the number Digital Dave who specialises in setting up calibrated work flows, PM me if you want his number.

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