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Author Topic : January 2014: "What is nudity?" 

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I had the idea for a collaborative project a few years ago ... but never did anything about it and then thought about it again the other day so decided I would have a look and see what models were out there that might be interested in a shoot in Canterbury in January 2014.

The basic idea is to shoot a series of people with the same brief. I did have it thought out and written down somewhere (but heck knows where that is now) -- but essentially, the camera is in a fixed position in front of a setee. The model has to be nude on the setee but can take one item onto the setee with him/her as long as it is not clothing. The model then adopts a series of poses (10?) all within the confines of the setee. I would probably do two sets - one with studio flash and the other with either natural light or more subtle house lighting.

The basic idea is to have a series of individuals utilise the space, their choice of object and their personal creativity to make the images - images that incorporates themselves (nude -- so just them) but with an object of their choosing. This object could be an "emphasis" of them or the antithesis of them. It could be used to hide/cover them or to highlight them. Is that all too arty-farty? Well, if you have read this far you get the idea. In terms of the nudity you could be completely exposed or completely covered ... thats all part of the project. What is nudity?

Happy to discuss/correspond with models who might be interested. I would love us to create a range of images so very happy with all shapes, sizes, ages, gendres, abilities disabilities, races, religions etc etc and from the completely covered up to the completely exposed. That's what its all about .

Best wishes

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