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Author Topic : Adora Photoshoot 

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Views : 2455  Feb 13, 2015 4:25am

My two opening shots are all about the eyes – yes one of them is a contact lens. In the above shot I’m using the hand and red nails to draw attention to the eye, in the second I’m not giving any clues, just letting the viewer discover it.

This image shot against a fake brick wall has been desaturated partially. This gives a cooler look to the image.

On the whole, with someone who has such striking make-up and facial appearance I’m clearly going to focus most of the shots on the face. But Adora comes with a complete costume and so this full length shot. It’s taken from low down with a wider angle lens which gives that dynamic stretch look.

Here I am faking a ring flash look with a softbox level with Adora’s torso for that uplighting look.

As well as conventional portfolio shots I wanted to create some dramatic images too. This is just a simple “reaching” image and I’ve overlaid a texture on top. The texture has the same focal point as the original image.

Using flash in the early evening, with the right combination of shutter and aperture allowed me to drop the sky down to close to black. I didn’t want it completely black of course since Adora would have disappeared! The dark blues form a good contrast for my subject.

This is not a shot for a portfolio for a model. This shot was for me. I’d set up the light for a tighter shot but I liked the way this small figure was isolated in a larger environment.

Finally, the use of a classic “wide angle and lean” shot – notice how it exaggerates and distorts the face, but makes the hands and arms look tiny and small. This kind of trick plays mind games because “big head, small body” isn’t how we normally see people.

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RE: Adora Photoshoot Feb 14, 2015 10:10am

I liked the images despite not being a genre I like at all. I think you made the most of the model and her props.

I particularly liked numbers 7&8, the spiral staircase adds to the composition and the dark night sky goes with the them. Using the wide angle lens reminds me that I really should use mine more. I've got into the habit of thinking that you shouldn't shoot people on anything less than a 50 mm.

Thanks for the reminder and for sharing.

Ace, Ace baby! on

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