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Author Topic : 6 Common Hand Posing Errors 

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The hand under the chin is turned so that back of the hand is to camera, although the shape of the hand isn't bad. But what about that other poor hand squashed under the elbow?

The hand on the picture right is correctly positioned, pulled out of the elbow and in towards the sitter. The other hand - picture left - needs to be relaxed to the table, in the shape of the hand on the right.

What a lovely back of hand shot. The hand needs turning so the palm is towards the face and the edge of the hand is to the camera.

You need a really good excuse to shoot hands joined together, particularly clenched together like this one. You can see here just how big, clunky and unpleasant. At a minimum separate the hands. Better, pose the near arm so the hand flows down the near leg and the far hand can rest on the far leg.

Bunched fists!!! Come to think of it bunched knees too.

This poor girl seems to have had some fingers amputated. So firstly the fingers need to be in shot. But also the arm could be turned so that the back of the hand is not so strong in the image.

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RE: 6 Common Hand Posing Errors Feb 18, 2015 6:36am

Thank you, filmphoto, this is an excellent tutorial - again the little things that can (and do) make or break an image.

thanks, and best wishes, from the antipodes...

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