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Author Topic : Wedding photographery 

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Quick question what would one be expected to pay for a wedding photographer and what would you get (I am not talking about extra images but) what would one get (a certain amount of images or what ) thank you

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RE: Wedding photographery Aug 7, 2015 5:28am

I have a 'last minute' offer, available 4 weeks before the wedding day.. £350 & 100-200 (anticipated) high resolution digital images..

You may only want to pay for.. maybe: 1-20 photos... however you are expecting someone to reserve a day, specifically for you over any other booking enquiries they receive.. regardless of how much those are willing to spend on their photography..

My most popular package is £1295 & most couples spend a little extra, £150 for some options.. my second most popular package is £1750.. and I'm far from the most expensive photographer..

There is a difference between Wedding Photographer & wedding photos.. if budgets are tight but you want some photos... maybe find a photography student who would take a smaller fee and can (check their photos) produce what you want.. wedding photography is about people skills too..

As I said, a wedding photographer.. someone who does it for a living.. won't be booking low fee jobs well ahead of the day.

Hope that helps..

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