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Author Topic : Notice 

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Notice how out of this whole page of threads virtually no replies.

I think some of the models on here are confused as to how it all works.

Do tests with togs = [paid work later when a comission comes in. Without tests a tog doesnt get comissions so no work for models.


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RE: Notice May 4, 2016 7:36am

Is this just your summation in general or specific for you? If it's for you, you may want to complete your profile a little more as two scanned photos, what happened to the digital images your took? they are your photos?

More detailed notes & info plus some model specific photos may give models more confidence and reason to book a photographer for collaborative session.

After all, everyone has to start somewhere. For a model it may be a little easier as they can take a decent selfie and post it to the profile to show their look. Photographers can then judge if the model has enough, x-factor, to make them want to collaborate with them or even pay to shoot with them.

For a photographer a little trickier as we need to show we can do more than just point & click with the camera on auto everything.. and not create hideous shadows & glaring hot spots with poor control of flash.

Models can choose who they want to work with & obviously who they don't. I think most will judge by the quality, as they perceive, of photos and profile notes.. and then message exchange.

If bookings are slow or none existent.. look at the competition and realise areas that need to improve.. and that applies to all.

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