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Author Topic : Glasgow, UK - Glasgow Time! My Last Scottish Adventure Of 2016... Keira The Nudey Duracell Bunny! 

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That's right, I cannot stay away! :D

Just when you guys though: phew, that's enough Keira for one year... I'LL BE BACK this December! :P

Put what a wicked place, I have always had masses of success on previous tours and there does always seem to be creatives I miss the opportunity to shoot with on one visit (which is why I always end up coming back!)

So between the dates of Tuesday the 6th and Friday the 9th of December I will be in the Glasgow area with the ability to pop out to the surrounding areas... I will also be using the fantastic Steel Studios in the city centre as a place to coordinate shoots if you need somewhere to shoot. It's going to soon be run by a photographer friend of mine who has taken lots of lovely shots of me at the place in the past: with both natural light and controlled lighting sets you have just about everything you could need for every creative/glamorous taste.

My rates are superb value, what you get for this is a model who offers a truly diverse range of facial expressions and contorted (at times!) body shapes but also a skilful makeup artist/hair stylist who designs her own range of custom body jewellery sets and comes as-standard with the most vivid imagination on the market for photographers who like to hear ideas from their models!

£40 per hour (minimum two hours)
£140 half day/4 hours
£250 full day/8 hours
(Working from fashion through to frontal nude/non-explicit erotic).

I also like: climbing things, drinking weird teas (that's all I need and I bring my own, I won't kick off if the Jaffa cakes have run out!), laughing lots, running around like an excited cat when a shot is looking epic and generally having a good time making cracking pictures with cracking people.

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