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Author Topic : Stevenage, UK - Splosh Shoot/Meesy Food Fun 

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City: Stevenage
Country: United Kingdom
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This will involve getting wet and messy with all different kinds of foods custard, baked beans, squirty cream, ice cream, eggs, chocolate sauce, rice pudding etc. etc. etc.

Such an endless list of foods we could use for the shoot, we will discuss before the shoot of what food you would like to be sploshed in, it will not be just my choice, I need your input to, of what you would love to be covered in, needs to be a fun shoot for you so it reflects in the photos, I really need to know what you prefer

I will supply all the ingredients, I’ll also make sure I have a spare can opener in reserve LOL

Shoot can take place in my home studio in Stevenage on Saturday 20th May afternoon or evening or between 4th – 15th June 2017. Shower facilities, loads of hot water & towels will be available after the shoot

Looking for a model close to Stevenage, but also willing to cover reasonable travelling costs, will also pick you up & drop you of at Stevenage Train Station or pick you up & drop you off if you are local to me

If you have any questions, please just ask, please also let me know your costs

Kind regards


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