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Author Topic : Launceston, UK - Landscape portraits on Dartmoor/Bodmin Moor (Devon/Cornwall) 

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I've recently relocated to North Devon - with a hiatus in shooting due to a long and complicated move. I'm keen to explore the wildness of our moorland spaces as a backdrop for some a) fashion, b) alternative or c) art nude shots or d) if you've some period dress we can even explore recreating something akin to Gainsborough's landscape portraits - all making use of the tors and streams of Dartmoor or Bodmin

The weather....I know - it gets a tad cold this time of year - so plenty of coffee will be on hand.. but it can be a superb time of year to obtain stunning shots with dramatic skies, bare-leaved trees, misty rock outcrops. It'll be fun!!

Let me know what you're interested in creating (a,b,c, or d) and we can throw some ideas around.

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