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Author Topic : Going back to art nude? Could it ruin my career 

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Hi there,

Could doing art nude be okay again?

A year ago after doing art nude a man nearly assaulted me....any experience of this?

Also would doing art nude again be damaging to my acting and music career

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I watched Solo ( star wars film ) the other day... & wondered where I recognised Solo's female lead from: GOT ( Game Of Thrones ) her - much nudity & sex-scenes - didn't put Disney off hiring her & they are often seen as overly prudish when it comes to castings..

you know how your other interests are doing... I doubt regular art-nude or even just nude work would have too many people bothered... though if you think to go into any child work.. don't do it..

* I've not been assaulted yet, though I'm always careful - theft of kit etc is more of an immediate concern - references & check images & number of shoots as an ages old profile with no images, updates, bio notes or just a bunch of selfie style images... is little to build confidence of a quality shoot - IMHO.

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So sorry to hear of your experience. I do hope the individual was reported as that is inexcusable in any situation. Only you really know how much it has knocked your confidence . If you should decide to return though I would suggest taking time to find a photographer you feel comfortable doing sessions with first. Perhaps a photographer you have already worked with at other levels and feel comfortable with.

In terms of the effect on your other work. Well has it had any effect so far? ou have nude images on here after all and I assume other sites too. I doubt it would be an issue with acting. To be honest I struggle to see how it would hurt the singing either, though I guess that depends to a degree what you singing persona is. From some of the videos I have come across made by singers though it does seem they are not amiss when it comes to nudity or indeed anything that captures an audience for sales.

Did actually get close to taking you up on the last casting but thought maybe I was a little too far away

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Sorry to hear of your bad experience, you could do the art nude or nude with photographers you are happy with or have good refs, there are so many fakes on here, both photographers and models, hopefully when the new site is active/live it will be harder for these to stay on here.

I have always had good contact with the models ive worked with prior to the first shoot, im sure you can get warning signs most of the time. There are always a few of us long standing members on here from around 2004, who probably know most of the models and photographers, who could be asked any questions.

Most Actresses and Singers have done a lot of nude work and it hasnt harmed their acting work, infact some have got parts because of it.


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