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Author Topic : Models who Swim - Tropical Shoot Opportunity 

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Casting is open through December 31, 2018.

Seeking three males and three females; any race except Black and Latino*;
- Should be/appear age 18-25;
- Attractive appearance, physically fit/athletic build;
- Be comfortable in open water and around ocean life;

WHERE: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, United States of America

WHEN: 30-day time slot negotiable between March 1, 2019 to February 28, 2020. 22 shoot/fitting/rehearsal days, 8 free time days.

HOW: We cover round-trip airfare, accommodations, location transportation, insurance, MUA/Stylist, and Wardrobe/Costumes.
[Water wear will be designed similar to the styles of the sea sirens in the third video link, plus wetsuits/skinsuits/swimwear]

Please view the following video shorts before responding. They are representative of the Eco-system you will be photographed in.

Caribbean Sees, Virgin Eyes Title Sequence:

The Happy Islander Title Sequence:

Promotional short showing similar style of underwater wear and choreography:

Your work will be both promotional and packaged as additional content with the video series in the first two links. For 11 years I have produced these episodic video series on USB drives. It is a popular product that sells exclusively to visiting divers and includes unique images/videos of their dive(s).

You will be shooting Bonus materials for the drives to include:
- Wildlife ID Flash Cards and Charts
- E-Calendar
- Destination promo images/Post Cards
- Wall posters/Art

Near-shore swimming and snorkeling around St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and neighboring islands. The deep water and SCUBA video pre-production is complete. Your still images will play a companion role highlighting beach-side and near-shore (shallow water) Eco-systems. Even though it is shallow water YOU WILL HAVE WILDLIFE ENCOUNTER SITUATIONS similar to those depicted.

In September 2017, the unprecedented event of two category 5 hurricanes striking within ten days occurred in the Virgin Islands. Damages exceeded 90% of properties and infrastructure. The storms were severe enough that many of our shorelines are different than a year ago. Mountain cliffs sheared off, roads disappeared into the sea and beaches changed shape. Every hotel and resort is doing major rebuilds to be completed late 2019. All our imagery of the Virgin Islands is out-dated as a result of the storms and EVERYTHING needs to be redone!

$200/day. Negotiable based upon water skills and experience.

- - - - - -

*[Equal Opportunity statement: The V.I. locale is majority Black and Latino, thus their casting for this project is filled].

Being normal is a disability.

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