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Author Topic : INSTAGRAM 

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Views : 1014  Feb 17, 2019 2:02pm

I keep hearing that folk find suitable models using the Instagram thing.

I only tried it on a large screen and failed miserably to find anything useful.

Does anyone have a quick way to describe how I can find a 36B blond 5'9" female model local to my town using their search process ?

Suffice it to say that if it can't do that then maybe there is a future for sites like this, where model features are searchable.

I have no plan to infest my portable computer (mobile phone) with anything near FB. I am too deaf to use a mobile and retain the item only as a computer which has no location data or adverts.
I don't phone, text or message except by encrypted email.

I am also pleased to report that I don't get any adverts on my desk machine and it suits me.

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RE: INSTAGRAM Feb 17, 2019 3:29pm

A crude and unsatisfactory analogy but I think we are a bit in the film Vs digital rough and tumble.

While the Facebook-like nonsense will probably assume the numerical top spot (digital for the masses) there will be a resurgence amongst the discerning minority (film users) who will value the likes of NM.

Especially, the strong minority will value and promote the safety features that the likes of Instagram have no interest in.

Huge Hairy Jeremy

Remember, Trolls' brains are silica based and only function properly at temperatures lower than minus 72 degrees Kevin.

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