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Author Topic : Time For a New Camera 

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First off, This is NOT one of those "what should I choose" or "Help, I can't decide" type type thing. It's just a "This is what I'm planning to do quite soon" type thing. That being said........
I currently own the old Konica Minolta 7D 6.0MP APS-C and the Sony A900 24MP Full Frame A-mount, both of which still just about work.
My current lenses are:
Minolta 50MM 1.7
Minolta 17-35MM
Minolta 85MM 1.4 D portrait lens
Minolta 100-300 APO zoom lens

Both cameras still take excellent images - but The time has come for me to enter the new camera market. I've a budget of £4500 but I've no intention of spending all that on camera gear (he says, knowing he's lying to himself ). The 2 choices I'm looking at are either the
E-mount Full Frame A9 with an A-mount adaptor so I can still use my AF minolta lenses plus get one E-mount Lens, (cheapest I've seen so far is a dodgy grey import for £2950 body only) or
Get the A-Mount A99II and buy maybe one newer A-Mount lens to replace one of my current A-mount lens, especially as they are almost silent compared to what I have now.
I still want this >
The only issue I can see is the size of the A9, it's so small, I like my cameras to feel like a camera, not a toy. I've not yet seen the A9 in real life - but the videos on YouTube of E-mount cameras are telling me they are super small and light. The A99II while still not as big as the A900 looks to me the better choice size wise. Specs for both cameras are very similar but the A9 is almost over a £1000 more just for the body and it's tech to my mind is very similar, yet the lenses are cheaper than the A-mount equivalent . Just so you know, I am going to a shop in London to see them in real life and get a hands on feel for both. The lenses I'm interested in are the ones that I feel I'd need if I were to shoot weddings, portraits, pets etc, so a quiet lens is what i'd want. The A99II doesn't have a silent shutter like the A9 but it's way quieter than my current A900 (think window shutters slamming in the wind compared to a butterfly slamming into a window). Checkout the camera size link below,713

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RE: Time For a New Camera Mar 13, 2019 2:18pm

You say it is small but in part that is only because recent DSLR cameras have got so sodding big. I bought the Alpha 7 as a play thing and thought the same then compared it to some old film cameras lying around and realised it was just going back to where were were for decades. The question is more ease of use. Have to say a couple of controls on the A 7 are crap in that respect. In particular the front dial. With a full canon kit for the studio I could not justify going up to the next range just to play.

That said I am sorely tempted to add a decent Sony lens at the show. Maybe even some LED lighting as flash does not allow you to benefit from seeing exactly what you are about to shoot. Love the in camera stabilising. Means I can use a 30 year old Canon lens and still have it stabilised. Unlike the new Canon!

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