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Author Topic : Forum Guidelines (Guideline Topic)

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Guidelines Overview

1. No pornography allowed. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding pornographic job postings or the posting of explicit images to the forums. Those that disregard this will be suspended and ultimately removed from the site without warning.

2. Do not post email addresses or phone numbers. Users posting alternative contact information will have their posts removed. Furthermore, free members requesting alternative contact information either privately or publicly to bypass the restrictions in place is not tolerated.

3. Bumping threads will not be tolerated. It is extremely taxing on the system to simply get your post either back to the top of the listing page or on the homepage of the site.

4. No spam allowed. This includes adding the same message across multiple forums, or reposting the same message every couple of days. Those found in violation of our anti-spam policy will be suspended and removed from the site.

5. No fighting. This includes bullying, insulting or any other unprofessional behavior.

6. We do permit the OP (original poster) to submit reply updates to their thread in the event that there has been a change. We kindly ask that this not be used as a means of bumping your thread. For more information, please read "Adjustment to the Looking for Work forums".

Please refer to Rules and Guidelines for a complete listing of the rules of the site. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an administrator or moderator of the forums for further assistance.

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