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Author Topic : Australia Forum Rules (Guideline Topic)

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Guidelines for Australian Members Forum. Previously I have stated the rules regarding Net-model forum posts, but it is apparent that some are not aware or maybe chose to ignore them. So the following are the rules clear as mud for all to read. They are as follows:

1.Personal Email addresses ARE NOT permitted at all within posts.
2.URL of websites included in your post SHOULD have a return link to Net-Model - seems only fair!
3.Phone Numbers are also NOT permitted in forum posts.
4.Members please refrain from adding to posts which are out of date mainly with regard to work offers.
5.Advertising is not allowed in the forum - Automatic deletion of post.
6.Members adding irrelevant comments or photos to another members thread are not permitted, these may be deleted.
7.Members from other regional areas, Interstate or Overseas please do NOT reply to work offers UNLESS they are going to be within the area that has work on offer at the designated time required for the shoot.
8."Vote for me" posts are NOT permitted.
9.Thread Hijacking is NOT permitted. Be mindful of the topic and the posts are relevant.
10.Flaming is not permitted so chose your words carefully.

On the whole most forum topics have been very constructive, not requiring much moderating. I will allow everyone to have their say but keep it on topic and tempers in check. Repeat offenders will not be tolerated and subsequently portfolios will be deleted from Net-model.

If you have any concerns contact a Moderator or Admin for assistance.

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