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Resizing photographs tutorial - free software!
Posted by paulcoxphotography on 05-17-2008 01:29am.

Quite often you may have a batch of photographs where you would like them all to be the same (smaller) size. Not everyone has access to Photoshop so hopefully this should show you how to do it quickly and easily.

I realise there seems to be a lot of steps but it really only takes a few seconds to do once you are used to it

First of all download and install Irfanview - a link is provided at the bottom of this page.

When you open Irfanview you should see something like this

Click on File

You should now click on batch conversion - there are lots of options here but for now let's stick to the basics

We now need to set up the application for how we want our files resized

Click on advanced options and set advanced options

Set the options as shown above

You have now set up the application for batch processing. You now need to tell it what files to include

Navigate to the directory you want to use in the normal way

Add files as indicated above

You now need to say where you would like them save

Click on Browse and set your output directory. You can also click on 'use this directory as output if you want the files directory you have already selected

All the files should now be shown on the left, click 'start' to, err, start!

Hopefully this should help some people - note though if your images are in Adobe RBG you should convert them in Photoshop to SRGB so you'd be better using image processor in that application.

Let me know if I have missed anything

Software Link: Irfanview
Discussion Thread: [Sticky!] Resizing photographs tutorial - free software!

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