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Image Rules
Posted by escape on 10-25-2008 06:40pm.

  • It is against U.S and U.K. laws to upload nude or sexually enticing images of anyone under eighteen years of age. Violators will be removed and their information will be handed over to the proper law enforcement authorities.

  • When adding images that are adult in nature, please checkmark the image as Adult Content. Failure to do so will result in the image being removed.

  • NO PORNOGRAPHY ALLOWED! If you add pornography to your portfolio, you will be deleted and banned.

  • Images that are deeemed by the admin to be lacking in taste or artistic merit will be removed.

  • When adding images, please be sure to give copyright credit to the owner of the image.

  • Images that contain either email address or phone numbers are not allowed to be uploaded to the server.

  • This is a site for the promotion of modeling and modeling photography, so please only add modeling related images to your portfolio.

  • Images that contain copyright information may also be accompanied by a website url.

  • - The provided url must not :

    1. Link to a website with a members section.

    2. Link to a website that contains pornography.

    3. Link to a competitors website.

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