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Forum Rules
Posted by escape on 10-25-2008 06:41pm.

  1. Do not add email addresses or phone numbers to posts on the forums. Any posts with this information will be deleted.*

  2. Spam is not permitted in the forums, users found to spam will be removed from the site without warning.

  3. "Vote for Me" type posts are not permitted.

  4. Keep all looking for work related posts to the "Looking for Work" forums.

  5. Flaming on the forums are not permitted. While you might not agree with someone, keep it professional.

  6. Thread hijacking is not permitted.

  7. Bumping a thread so it gets pushed back on the main page is not permitted. Users found doing this will have their threads removed without warning.

  8. Replies to any post in the Reference Check forum should only be by users who have worked with the individual in question. Posts containing second hand information will not be tolerated. Speculative, flaming, or libelous posts regarding a user on the site will be removed. Users that repeatedly disregard these rules will be deleted from Net-Model.

  9. If an issue needs to be resolved, bring it to the attention of a moderator or administrator.

  10. Please be sure that your post is placed in the proper forum. If you do not know which forum your post belongs to, ask a moderator for assistance.

  11. Pornographic images or messages (public or private) are not permitted on this site. Users that continually or deliberately disregard this rule will be removed without warning.

  12. * - We will not continue to tolerate users posting on the forums with the intent of bypassing the restrictions on the private messaging system. This includes users either posting alternative contact information (ie. phone numbers, email addresses), requesting this information because they have used up their outgoing messages, or using the forums as their personal messaging system. First offense will result in all outgoing posts removed from the forums. Second offense will result in account deletion from this website.

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