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Model Information
Age 33
Gender Female
Eye Color Grey-blue
Hair Color Pink
Height 5'4
Weight 124
Chest 34"B/C
Waist 28"
Hips 37"
Dress Size 14
Shoe Size 6
Location / Experience
Location York, Yorkshire
Country United Kingdom
Will Travel Yes
Experience Intermediate
Will Work For  Pay

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Last Active 3/27/2013 5:00:36 AM

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Models Notes
***I am no longer undertaking nude work***


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Plus, several others. I have now stopped listing them as it would be a very long list!


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Paul Jackaman (YFNAD - Net-Model)

***ABOUT ME***

As a curvy normal woman, a mother, a size 10 and 5'4", I am under no illusions... I know that fashion and runway modelling is totally out of the question, but I want to help change the industry, and push towards an appreciation of real natural beauty, in appreciating someone's sparkle, what *truly* makes them an individual, not just their ass, tits and legs!

I am a hard worker, passionate and dedicated, throwing 110% into whatever I'm working on. I want to work with people who are creative, unusual and actually appreciate a model who puts a lot of research into the background of the shoots she is doing, in order to achieve the best work possible!

Please feel free to ask me any odd or unusual requests; worst case scenario, I can only say no, right?


I do have obvious tattoos that help to showcase my persona and life, including a particularly large back piece of a goddess. I do love them, but am prepared to have them covered either by clothing, pose or in post processing if neccessary.
- tribal at base of spine
- egyptian ankh on left shoulder blade
- pentacle on right wrist
- large goddess in the middle of my back

I also have my ears pierced once in each lobe, and my nose, though all of these can be removed if needed. ( Bookmark )