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Model Information
Age 30
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Auburn
Height 5'7
Weight 266
Chest 49"A
Waist 49"
Hips 55"
Dress Size 22
Shoe Size 8
Location / Experience
Location London, Greater London
Country United Kingdom
Will Travel Yes
Experience Beginner
Will Work For  Pay

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Models Notes
Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio. My name is Betty [alias] and I live in North London. I am a 'hobbyist' model and have been modelling since January 2007. My motivation/interest in modelling comes from two areas - it has given (and continues to give) me a significant boost in confidence and I am very interested in art of many forms. I am quite a creative person and love to experiment with different styles and themes.


I do not work from home at present. I have a railcard and Oyster card and will always look for the cheapest methods possible. I normally have a travelcard for Zones 1-3, however, due to being a student on a limited income I am not able to travel outside of this area without my expenses being covered.
I have done a lot of travelling since I started modelling - including travelling to Leeds, Gloucester and Cardiff.


Tattoo: Back of left shoulder - small black butterfly with chinese symbols
Piercings: Just ear lobes (once), the rest have healed up
Scars: Naval (from piercing), face (from acne)
Birth marks: Back of neck and near bottom (both small)
Stretch marks: Stomach and shoulders - all white/faded

I have mild acne and scarring on my face - if you are concerned at all about this I am happy to send you a recent image without make-up, though the feedback I have received is that it is covered quite well with foundation.
I also have a lot of brown marks (moles, but flat) and 'goosebumps' - I prefer to think of them as 'character' marks :)

I have had no cosmetic enhancements/surgery. My tattoo is quite small and rarely shows in photographs.


Hair: I have short auburn bob.

I am a size 7-9 in shoes and have wide feet. I tend to wear a 22 in tops and dresses and a 24 trousers.
I can reduce my waist size by approximately 10" using corsetry, and have some steel boned corsets of my own.
My bra size is measured as a 42A, but I wear a 42B (which seem to fit fine).

My wardrobe is part mainstream and part alternative - I dress 'alternatively' occasionly, thus I am quite good at conveying 'the look' for photoshoots.

I have a variety of outfits and accessories available for photoshoots.


I work up to 'artistic' nude. I do not do forced open leg (no pink, basically), 'tacky' glamour or adult levels.
Please contact me for clarification. Fetish and erotic work may be considered depending on the context and desired image. ( Bookmark )