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Model Information
Age 33
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5
Weight 105
Chest 30"B
Waist 24"
Hips 35"
Dress Size 4
Shoe Size 8
Location / Experience
City, State Las Vegas, NV
Country United States
Will Travel Yes
Experience Intermediate
Will Work For  Pay

Member Since 6/4/2011 12:29:19 AM
Last Active 5/20/2012 5:52:22 PM

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Models Notes
Dolore means "pain" in Italian.

I am an alternative and gothic model. I also gogo dance, take part in burlesque and sideshow, and currently getting involved in poi (fire spinning). I have modeled a good few years previously, but due to circumstances I have decided to quit for awhile. Now I have returned. In my previous experiences as a model, I have done a lot of gore. While it was thrilling, my aims are very different. I am looking for anything beyond what the mind can create. I am also open for a lot of Victorian, Edwardian, Steampunk, fetish, latex, and the list goes on. I am also looking to model for designers and publications.

At the moment, I am by no means represented by any agency, so I have no limitations to what I do. It's all up to me and I am very open-minded. I do charge a bit of money, but my rates are VERY reasonable. I am also open for trade as well (aside from TFP, of course). I won't charge if an idea tickles my fancy, so don't feel intimidated to ask me, I am very easy-going and I will most likely say "yes" half of the time. I would collaborate with whomever, even if you are an amateur photographer. You got to start somewhere, eh?

I am very creative and unique in every shoot that I do, my mind is a void for ideas. I believe that both the photographer and the model should come up with ideas together. It's art. I also tend to take pride in my work, but at the same time I like to have fun. When working with me, I bring creativity, with some professionalism, and fun!

At this very moment, my hair is dyed black and a little bit down and resting just by my clavicles. I also have a deathhawk (a thick form of a mohawk), that can easily be covered with my hair. I also have wigs, falls, and dread falls, in which I can change my style at will. I can pull off almost any look, even though I do draw on my eyebrows. I also have piercings that can be easily taken out. I do have visible tattoos on my arms, back, and chest. I can also do my own makeup if needed.

In regards to nudes, I don't mind doing them, but they MUST have an artistic feel. Shoots like Suicide Girls is a no-no. To me, that isn't art, but softcore porn. I also attend school, so my schedule fluctuates depending on the semester. I try to take classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings, so I pretty much have full availability. Again, just ask! :) We will work something out, I am sure.

At the moment my hair is black, down to the tips of my shoulders, and I have a death hawk. I can cover that easily with the top layers of my hair. If that doesn't work out for you, then I have hairfalls, wigs, dreads, etc. I have a number of them, so I can change my look at will. I also have a few facial piercings and tattoos. The facial piercings I can easily take out. And yes, I do draw on my eyebrows. I can also do my own makeup if needed.


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