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Model Information
Age 43
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pink
Height 5'4
Weight 180
Chest 34"K
Waist 36"
Hips 47"
Dress Size 16
Shoe Size 6.5
Location / Experience
Location Aldbourne, Wiltshire
Country United Kingdom
Will Travel Yes
Experience Intermediate
Will Work For  Pay

Member Since 10/8/2017 1:08:43 PM
Last Active 1/10/2018 12:32:48 PM

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Assignments of Interest
 Runway  Tradeshow  Spokesmodel
 Bodyparts  Print (Catalog)  Print (Editorial)
 Print (Advertising)  Print (Fitness)  Print (Swimwear)
 Swimwear  Fitness  Lingerie
 Sheer / See-Thru  Semi-Nudes  Artistic / Figure Nudes
 "Playboy" Style Nudes  Erotic  Fetish

Models Notes

I love dressing up in 50's pin up style dresses as well as Corsets, heels and lingerie! But I am not a one trick pony, I will give most things a try.

Fetish is most definitely OK, depending on the Fetish. Rope work is fine as long as you are an experienced and considerate rigger, use the correct rope and ensure my comfort at all times. I am interested in doing some foot fetish shoots & more Fetish in general.

I have a full sleeve of black and grey roses and coloured awareness ribbons done on my left arm, Polar themed full back piece & a half thigh piece on my left thigh. I also have a half leg piece on my right calf, along side lots of other big tattoos else where.

My hair often changes colour.

I have my septum, eyebrow, "Marilyn" & belly button pierced.

Due to family commitments I am only available on any day during term time/school hours & during the evening at a studio with notice. I do not drive so would need to stay within a 20mile radius if I am arranging my own transport. If I am travelling to you for a TFP, a donation towards travel costs would be gratefully received.

I am intending to do one or two TFP shoots a month if we have not shot together before, if the images add something new to my portfolio or for a good cause. These will be up to lingerie only. I am happy to negotiate, especially if it is a shoot I am very keen to do or I have not worked with you before.


For levels up to artistic nude:

£40 for 2 hours

£50 for 3 hours

£70 for 4 hours

£90 for a whole day (5 hours as I cannot do more than that)

These rates may change for Fetish work dependent on the Fetish.

I am happy to work along side other models, male & female. Happy to pose with animals & reptiles, would love to shoot with a snake. I have my own, she will be big enough to shoot with in August 2018. But please no creepy crawlies or slimies lol

I am always kind and polite, easy going & have a wicked/flirty/dirty/giggly sense of humour.

I normally arrive to a shoot over prepared with plenty to choose from in my cases.

I have my own wedding gown & veils. I also make my own Tutus.

You will see my references speak for themselves, words straight from the kind people who let me have so much fun in front of their cameras and made me look amazing.

My work mobile number is available on request.

I WILL NOT do frontal open leg nude, adult OR anything which exposes kitty, so please DO NOT ask. Concealed is fine, implied is also fine. I believe that the imagination is the most sexy tool there is & what you cannot see is by far more sexy than having everything on display.

I have pubic hair "down there", if that is an issue then I am not the model for you.

ALSO... I have Hypermobility Syndrome, if I say I cannot achieve or hold a pose for long, please be understanding that I have a Genuine Medical reason for this. Although it does also mean I am still rather bendy for a woman of my "mature" years...

I realize I am not to every persons taste, but that is fine, I won't hold that against anyone. This is me, individual & unique but most of all fun.

If you got this far, thank you & I look forward to working and having a giggle with you. ( Bookmark )