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Photographer Information
Real Name Shaun Redfern
Age 50
Gender Male
Location Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Oct 14, 2007
Last Active Jan 19, 2015

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Advanced
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Current Projects / Interests
Thanks for viewing my portfolio!! My name is Shaun,I have been doing this since 2007 and enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy doing all kinds of photography and would like to do some location work at a later date. I currently use a studio in Tamworth and Manchester with different sets and will doing anything the model requires. I have had lots of shoots with various models.

Published Works / Past Projects
I have worked with various models and have done more than one shoot with many of them as they have enjoyed working with me. Will continue to do work with some of them in the future.
**Sabrina_L (professional Glamour Model)
**Olivia Devlin** was brilliant!!! Very creative!!
Kirsty123 **Great to work with****.
**xOlviaxDx**** great to work with(as seen in ZOO)
Emma Kate Dawson (Professional Model) as seen in NUTS
**Annie Wood**

I also open to new ideas, if anybody thinks they can help aswell

Photographer Notes
Thank you for looking at my Portfolio ,which has been on NetModel since 2007 and I hope your Enjoying modelling and doing well!! If your interested in a shoot with me I am sure you would enjoy working me. I am easy to get on with and enjoy trying new things on my shoots, always looking for new ideas, what will sell me more and the Model,so she/he can progress to a higher level.

Sabrina_L(Glamour Model)***excellent***
Olivia devlin **excellent** a very creative model
Olivia (known as OliviaxDX on this site) enjoyed working with her.(as seen in ZOO Magazine)
Emma Kate Dawson (as seen in NUTS) Great to work with and
Honey **Fantastic and recommended***
Annie Wood **Excellent**

Look forward to hearing from any models if you would like to have a shoot with me as it would be great but I am also willing to travel aswell whether it be England, Scotland or Wales if I feel I can offer anything different or if the model thinks she can improve my portfolio.
Please feel free to contact me. ( Bookmark )