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Photographer Information
Real Name John Mcintire
Age 38
Gender Male
Location Barnsley, Yorkshire
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Oct 16, 2007
Last Active Jul 15, 2011

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Professional
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Make-Up Artist  Provided
 Not Provided
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 Not Provided
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Current Projects / Interests
I'm now shooting for Zivity and looking for models to shoot sets with:

I am currently working on a personal project revolving around tattoos and body mods! For more information, check my blog on my website or send me a message!

TF* - The only trade I'm doing at the moment is for my tattoo project and for Zivity sets.


I am an American professional photographer based in Barnsley. Barnsley is between Sheffield and Leeds and very easily accessible by train from either.

I am located in the Barnsley Civic, which is located in the centre of Barnsley only a few hundred yards from the train station.

My main areas of interest are:

Alternative Fashion
Alternative Glamour
Pin-up/ Burlesque

I am currently working very closely with Make-Up Artist Raychel Perks of Raynbow Studios (#1244283).

Availability: I am available 7 days a week.

References: I have worked with dozens of models from around the country, most of whom are from Model Mayhem, some as many as eleven times. For a full list of references, please just ask!

You can also find me at:

Published Works / Past Projects

Photographer Notes

Availabilty. As a full time professional photographer, I am available 7 days a week.


Please note: When I schedule a shoot, I put 100% into it from the moment the date is set. From hours of planning and buying specific bits, to the actual shoot itself and finally hour and hours of post production. If you set up a shoot and for whatever reason change your mind or can't make it, all I request is that you please allow me the courtesy of getting in touch and letting me know. Thanks.

I will under no circumstances "work for hire" or sign any other form of contract that strips me of my legal rights over my intellectual property. Don't bother asking, it will not happen. ( Bookmark )