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Photographer Information
Real Name Owen Gruyffed
Age 51
Gender Male
Location Barnsley, Yorkshire
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Aug 1, 2008
Last Active Jan 3, 2019

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience None
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Make-Up Artist  Provided
 Not Provided
Hair Stylist  Provided
 Not Provided
Types Of Compensation  Pay
 Test Shoots

Current Projects / Interests
I'm not arty, I don't do glamour. I just shoot whatever ideas come into my head and develop inspiration from that. I try to shoot a narrative more than just a copy shot of a woman with her kit off.
Looking to shoot Fetish erotic damned filthy smutty better not let your mother know work with men or women.

Oh yeah, I'm creatively gritty with a cutting edge alternative style. But I haven't got a gelled hair style or wear my skinny jeans under my arse with my big pants showing. Sorry, please see a fashion photographer for that.
Also no fluffy rugs, whicker chairs or swords.

Go on do something naughty. Very very naughty. In fact why not just come to the studio and show me your bum. I'll make you a cup of tea.

Published Works / Past Projects
You've probably seen my work hundreds of times. I just don't shoot the stuff you see on Net-model for a living.
Wish I did though as photographing near nekkid ladies sounds like a more interesting job than a man handing over a cheque and shaking hands.

Photographer Notes
I appreciate you asking but I never date models. Please don't feel sad as I know a refusal often offends. It doesn't mean I don't find you attractive just that I wouldn't like to see so many others upset. ( Bookmark )