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Photographer Information
Real Name Paul Catchpole
Age 58
Gender Male
Location Stowmarket, Suffolk
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Aug 27, 2003
Last Active Mar 22, 2017

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Intermediate
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Current Projects / Interests

Just getting back into picture taking after an almost eight year break while I was a full time carer for a loved one.

The pictures are old but will suffice until I can get some more up to date content. Would love to hear from local models especially those looking for time for whatever and those into fetish type shoots ( think bdsm style).

Just because I've not been active doesn't mean I have been asleep and have been keeping up with trends.

References could be a problem because I would be pushed to find the models I have worked with before, because of the time that has past.

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