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Photographer Information
Real Name Ian Marks
Age 59
Gender Male
Location Rugby, Warwickshire
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Jan 29, 2011
Last Active Jul 29, 2013

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Beginner
References  Contact for Info
Make-Up Artist  Provided
 Not Provided
Hair Stylist  Provided
 Not Provided
Types Of Compensation  Pay
 Test Shoots

Current Projects / Interests
I am a serious amateur photographer, who only started model photography in September 2010, but with many years of other photographic experience (including underwater). I am currently concentrating on developing my portfolio, shooting with different models, in different studios.

I began shooting in the Glamour & Art Nude styles, but that soon changed. I attended a workshop with John Tisbury, which was really inspirational and also very enjoyable. It gave me a much greater insight & interest in lighting styles, which I now try to apply and explore.

I aim to some fun with my photography - but with a professional approach. I have no illusions about my ability - I recognise I am still very much learning. I do expect to pay models - but am very happy to share some images.

PS. As of June'11, I have 'downgraded' my NM Membership to freebie level. TBH, I am not using NM much these days - you are more likely to find me in a more colourful place... ;-)

Published Works / Past Projects

Unless you count pictures for Dark Side Of The Wall - a Coventry based Pink Floyd tribute band.

Photographer Notes
- Ashlea Louise
- Tina Kay
- Hannah (not on NM)
- Morgan Lees
- Pirate Maiden
- Ivetan (x2)
- Asteria (x2)
- Molloch
- Sasparella
- Gemma (not on NM)
- Madame Bink
- Tamrin
- Artemis D5 (x3)
- Erossane
- Lena M
- Roswell Ivory (x3)
- Adreena [not on NM] (x2)
- Nympheae
- Zenith
- Joceline (x2)
- Sky Seraphin [not on NM]
- Ivory Flame

- Pauls Studio, Reading (x3)
- Saracen House, Milton Keynes (x2)
- NOW Studio, Upper Boddington
- Banana Studio, Newcastle
- Smile Studios, Lincoln (x2)
- John Barone's Studio, Wolverhampton
- The Interlude, Leicester
- Gauduchon Studio, Stevenage
- Whiteroom Studios, Birmingham (x2)
- Eye For An Image Studio, Banbury (x6) ( Bookmark )