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Photographer Information
Real Name Stefan Quek
Age 50
Gender Male
Location Singapore
Country Singapore

Member Since Feb 5, 2011
Last Active Jan 10, 2018

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel No
Experience Intermediate
References  Contact for Info
Make-Up Artist  Provided
 Not Provided
Hair Stylist  Provided
 Not Provided
Types Of Compensation  Pay
 Test Shoots

Current Projects / Interests

Published Works / Past Projects
List of models I worked with:

Eva Ling (Model)
Kay Kay Yan (Model)
Shirley Wong (Model)
YZ (Model)
Ying (Model)
Alynn (Model)
Veni Sundari (Model)
Eliza Ong (Model)
Jenell Ong (Model)
Eileen Yap (Model)
Valerie Yeo (Model)
Melissa Koh (Model)
Irene Teo (Model)
PearlOngYiTian (Model)
Dionna Zhao (Model)
Renee (Model)
Jolyn (Model)
Amber Lim (Model)
Shermie Chiam (Model)
Kyna (Model)
Kelly Arrow Tan (Model)
Yukiko Soh (Model)
Raychell Love (Model)
Isabella (Model)
Jasmine Yap (Model)
Lu Ting Yi (Model)
Channelle Yeo (Model)
Jolyn (Model)
Prima Donna (Model)
Germaine Koh (Model)
Jessica Shan (Model)
Gwen (Model)
Angeline (Model)
Adeline Lee (Model)
Sandnana (Model)
Misaki Mei Sha (Model)
BabySheela (Model)
Jasmine Liu (Model)
Karen Lee (Model)
Miss Ting (Model)
Azusa Higa (Model)
Kristen Chay (Model)
Krayle (Model)
Jasmine Lye (Model)
Sheena - Ng (Model)
Ice_ice (Model)
Chloe (Model)
Angel Secrets (Model)
Rececca Chen aka Beckiish (Model)
Cloudie_salsa (Model)
Krystie Mon (Model)
Michelle (Model)
Andrea Lim aka Jollybean (Model)
Sharon Sim aka glittery_stars (Model)
Weenaay (Model)
Jess Han (Model)
Alluresherry (Model)
Ammy S (Model)
Olivia Ang (Model)
Chelle Kiim (Model)
Aurora Brooks (Model)
emily_xue (Model)
Kiki (Model)
Staciy (Model)
Mico (Model)
Jasmine (Model)
Mei Ting Levell (Model)

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