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Photographer Information
Real Name Jon Swift
Age 40
Gender Male
Location Birmingham, West Midlands
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Jul 12, 2011
Last Active Jan 14, 2013

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Intermediate
References  Contact for Info
Make-Up Artist  Provided
 Not Provided
Hair Stylist  Provided
 Not Provided
Types Of Compensation  Pay
 Test Shoots

Current Projects / Interests
I have been a photography enthusiast for almost four years now but only have limited experience working with models.
I have recently began making money from commercial photography and have been lucky enough to work for some great companies but I still regard myself as an amateur as I still have so much to learn.
I am happy to work up to implied nude and my wife, who usually assists my shoots is usually happy to lend a hand with the make up.
I work from a large commercial studio in Digbeth but also more than happy to work on location.
Please take a look at my page and get in touch if you require further information or if you'd like to book a shoot.

Published Works / Past Projects
Photography jobs to date (not exhaustive):
04/07/2011 - Studio shoot with Marion and Rieanna
19/07/2011 - Location shoot with xXNAT86Xx
28/07/2011 - Location shoot with Marion
17/09/2011 - Location shoot with Kanda
29/09/2011 - Assisted and recorded video footage for an underwater test shoot with Dan Stone - Video footage can be seen here -
30/09/2011 - Location shoot with Sharmarston
13/11/2011 - Studio shoot with Sharmarston
05/12/2011 - Commercial video shoot for PWC Access (Via Dan Stone )
28/12/2011 - Recorded live music performance by Tayla Blue with Dan Stone
16/01/2012 - Location shoot with Sharmarston
31/01/2012 - Location shoot with Marion
25/02/2012 - Assisted with production of a music video for Tayla Blue with Dan Stone
17/03/2012 - Studio shoot with Leighmodel12
18/03/2012 - Assisted Dan Stone with a shoot for Elle Sport

Also, several ongoing product projects and always on the lookout for the next shoot :)

Photographer Notes
I have been away from net-model for some time now but am now back with a vengeance :-D ( Bookmark )