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Photographer Information
Real Name Chisel Wright
Age 43
Gender Male
Location London, Greater London
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Jul 17, 2005
Last Active Aug 22, 2012

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Intermediate
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Current Projects / Interests
Nothing definite yet.

Published Works / Past Projects
Check my Shoot History here:

Photographer Notes

If I've never worked with you before please don't be offended if I ask you to jump through a couple of small hoops as part of the booking process. Nothing too harsh, just simple things to reduce my no-show ratio.

Usually this will involve getting a contact telephone number and a voice conversation to discuss the shoot.
I will also ask that you contact me in the days leading up to a shoot to confirm that you are still attending.


My working practices can be found on my website:


I've been shooting models since September 2005 and have an interest in a wide range of styles. My main objective is to Have Fun. I'm always receptive to new ideas and I'm willing to try ideas that other photographers may run screaming from.

I'd like to work with models who are looking to grow their portfolio. I'd like to expand my portfolio by working with a variety of models on a variety of different and unusual themes.

I primarily work on a TFP basis but I`m not afraid to pay a model when necessary.

I'm London based and willing to travel.

-- Chisel ( ( Bookmark )