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Photographer Information
Real Name Chris Ennis
Age 59
Gender Male
Location Enfield, Middlesex
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Sep 1, 2005
Last Active May 6, 2015

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Advanced
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Current Projects / Interests
I'm a fine-art photographer with twin loves of landscapes and portraiture which for I've combined for the past few years. Last year was a particularly productive year with lots of finished panoramas. Regularly travel the world photographing interesting locations.

As usual I completed my annual project: an online calendar. Further details can be found at

Over the next year I shall be working on even more ideas and so I shall be looking for models. All models are assessed on their merits, but I'm most successful with models who have character, integrity and, above all, reliability. I'm looking for model who are beautiful rather than sexy, and classical rather than "edgy" (whatever that means).

If you fit the bill, and you are interested, do please get in touch**.

Chris Ennis, September 2009

The way I work:

Successful models push their limits, act their hearts out, and are wildly creative. All the world's a stage...

Photographing panoramas is 30 times slower than normal gigs, so shoots take an afternoon, a WHOLE afternoon, and I need your undivided attention.

No chaperones, hangers-on nor "just a friend". They get in the way of panoramas and distract models. I don't photograph models with tattoos, silicone or piercings. After all, I can get paint, bath sealant and nails from B&Q.

I treat models with respect and good humour and I expect the same in return. If I ask you to work with me I'd like a response please. It's polite and you're supposed to be professional.

Models who I can recommend are in the credits section below.

** I have some strong anecedotal evidence that messages to/from me have been getting lost on this system since the spring of 2008. If I haven't replied to your message in a couple of days or so, please try getting in touch via normal email at or on 07941 651742.

Published Works / Past Projects
Various exhibitions in London over the past 10 years. I have recently completed an exhibition at Forty Hall, North London. I have been a regular contributor to the London Independent Photography (LIP) Magazine.

Worked with the following NM models:

Photographer Notes
I am presently looking for dark haired models with curly or wavy hair for my next work. This includes black, brunette and red heads. Think Katy Melua and IvoryFlame. ( Bookmark )