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Photographer Information
Real Name Des Hardin
Age 58
Gender Male
Location Leeds, Yorkshire
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Jan 24, 2006
Last Active Aug 17, 2018

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Intermediate
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Types Of Compensation  Pay
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Current Projects / Interests
AVAILABILITY: I work full time in a regular job, and get home around 7pm.
So I can shoot weekdays after 7pm, would prefer a Friday - no job to get up for Sat. morning :-).
Or shoot on Saturdays during the day until 6pm, when I usually go to see my Fiancée.


I have had an amateur interest in photography for more than 35 years.
Now with over 13 years experience of working with models, I can supply over a dozen positive references,
please also see me on Pure Storm and Purpleport.

If you are wanting images for your portfolio, my rates are negotiable.
I will do TFCD, etc. if I think you are capable of creating great images and offering me something to enhance my portfolio.

I can shoot a full range of styles to suit the models needs.
You can reach me at des4fun at aol dot com.
FREE CLOTHES for models - I have 2 wardrobes and several boxes full of sexy, female clothing. I will let models have some clothing for FREE, all I ask for is a few hours of their time doing a shoot. They can also have the shots on CD.
Ultimately, I would like to be able to create good working relationships with a few local, regular, reliable, suitable models, who want to be part of a business partnership; which shares the rewards of Pay-style websites similar to the likes of RestrainedElegance, BondageCafe, BondageBob, EveEllis, JasmineSinclair, DitaVonTeese, Vivianbound, etc.
Any models who cannnot attend a Booked shoot, and don't allow enough time for me to get a substitute model to take their place, will be given a 'negative' review on their profile page.

Published Works / Past Projects
Worked with several models and lots of other togs some time ago in a Leeds City Centre Group Shoot and also at Riber Castle Group Shoot.
and worked twice since then at a Keighley Studio.

There are several NM Models I have worked with on Bondage shoots, but you won't find many of my images on here now.

If you want to view some of my bondage photo work, you can see a non NM model Kira Leigh of Leeds - (My work with her can be viewed here courtesy of my good friend Sabrebound - )

My main model has been Tabitha2 of Bingley (my Fiancee).

Photographer Notes
I have a wide range of Fetish, PVC, lingerie and other types of sexy clothing for models between size 8 and 14. Shoes size 3 - 5.

Ideas for shoots have been very broad & 'flexible', I 'tailor' them to suit any model's 'ground rules'.
The genre I focus on is 'Alternative' or 'Sub/Dom' and there are many variations. It can involve a wide range of things - Dressing Up: PVC, Leather, Latex, Gothic, Lingerie, Boots, Stiletto Heels, etc. Roleplay: Damsel in Distress, Captive Heroines, etc.

Bondage is used in a lot of the 'scenes', with the full consent of the models, always within their limitations. The safety, comfort & well-being of the model is foremost.

I always encourage models to be chaperoned to meetings & shoots, or at least to arrange meetings to suit them.
Developing mutual trust and a good friendly relationship is vitally important. I will not shoot any model until the shoot content has been agreed, and I am totally sure that the model and I have built up a good enough rapport to give us the right sort of working relationship.

I have worked at studios in Leeds, Bradford and Keighley, but much rather work either at my home, at the model's home or at any other suitable locations. ( Bookmark )