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Photographer Information
Real Name Mike Steele
Age 76
Gender Male
Location Caerphilly, Caerphilly
Country United Kingdom

Member Since Oct 16, 2006
Last Active Feb 18, 2019

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Travel / Experience
Will Travel Yes
Experience Advanced
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Make-Up Artist  Provided
 Not Provided
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 Not Provided
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Current Projects / Interests
I prefer to shoot models who wear lingerie and without too many artistic embellishments.
When I say lingerie I mean lingerie and not just any old
knickers and bra that happen to be laying around.
Portraits, head shots and character studies are also favourite.

Published Works / Past Projects

Photographer Notes
Lost all of my references after my failed escape last year.
Recaptured with an indefinite sentence added to my stay :-)
Might as well remain here and make the best of it.
Welcome to Hotel California :-D ( Bookmark )