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1 I worked with Spike at the ECGS May 2012, I thoroughly enjoyed working together and found him to be a really lovely guy, very professional and was very pleased with the results.
Jul 6, 2012 7:05am
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1 It was a pleasure for me to work with you and I would like to do that again soon.
You made me feel very comfortable even though I didn`t had any clue what I was doing and for that I thank you!

Jun 13, 2012 4:47pm
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1 After 3 years we finally got to work together again and, as always, Spike had lots of ideas, was fun to work with, great at direction and produced some lovely images, I love working with Spike and really hope we don't leave it so long next time. Highly recommended. Thanks Spike xx
Jun 13, 2012 4:29pm
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1 Had a great shoot with Spike at the EGGS 4 shoot, great guy with a good sense of humour and very professional. Highly recommended!
Jun 6, 2012 6:18am
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1 Shot with spike earlier this week, great shoot, he was very friendly and professional at all times and i think we got some really great pictures.
hope to work with him again sometime :)

Apr 21, 2012 2:33am
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1 i had the great pleasure of working with spike at the EquATA shoot,to say i loved his shots would be an under statement i though they were fantastic.he made me feel really at ease and i would love to work with him again....many thanks again spike..xx
May 17, 2011 4:13am
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1 Ihad the great pleasure of working with Spike today at Equata. When he said there was method in his madness.... he was right, got some amazing shots in the Bunker. Highly highly recommended xxx
May 15, 2011 4:53pm
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1 Had a great shoot with Spike at Hastings. Spike has creative ideas and communication is fantastic. Felt very much at ease with our fun shoot, where Spike gives good direction and is very patient.
Would highly recommend to models to work with Spike.

Oct 7, 2010 2:21pm
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1 I worked with Spike at the Hastings Pool Shoot 2010. Spike had some good ideas and we got some great pictures. I would recommend him and would work with him again
Sep 20, 2010 3:51pm
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1 I had a really fantastic time working with Spike at the Hastings group shoot! Spike had so many great ideas,so creative and lots of fun to work with :). Thanks Spike for a fab shoot, highly recommended to everyone! x
Sep 14, 2010 5:01am
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1 Loved working with Spike at his luxury pool shoot! Fantastic ideas and great fun to work with. Would highly recomend!
Thanks Spike

Sep 13, 2010 11:24am
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1 I was very pleased to get to shoot with Spike at his Hastings group shoot. He's a lovely guy and had great ideas. Would love to spend longer creating some fantastic images together :)
Aug 29, 2010 5:45pm
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1 I worked with Spike yesterday and had an amazing day, thank you so much. Spike is friendly, patient, helpful, very welcoming, and modest about his amazing photographic abilities. He is very organised but relaxed at the same time. This was a real day to remember, thank you.
Jul 31, 2010 6:04am
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1 Spike is amazing to talk to and amazing to shoot with. Thanks spike!
May 30, 2010 11:09am
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1 I worked with Spike on 15.05.10 had a great shoot, got lots of nice location images! Thankyou very much spike look foward to working with you in the future sometime!

Tamrin x

May 25, 2010 4:53am
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1 Worked with Spike at a recent group shoot. Not only was he a pleasure to work with on an individual basis, but he also did an amazing job of organizing the whole event. Very friendly and approachable chap who made sure I got my images quickly... the problem is picking my favourites, as they are all good!
May 25, 2010 4:06am
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1 I met Mr Spike at the St Albans groups shoot, and what a lovely man he is! It was the end of the day and he must of been really tired yet it did not stop him going out of his way to help me! Being new i was very nervous and feeling a little lost, he did not make me feel a nuisance he just helped me with good direction and advise to do as best i could do! Thank you! hope to meet again! Vicky x x x
May 21, 2010 6:22am
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1 What a lovely man, Spike is...first time to meet him at the Derelict Pool Shoot in St Alban's which he organized himself.
Real gentleman, simple and always ready to smile...such a cool guy and so relaxed...
Knows what he wants and so lovely to work with!
Thanx Spike for a brilliant day!! Such a success and very well done!!
Looking forward to the images especially our shoot with Junction (Steve!!)
Highly recommended to all models too AAA+++
Cheers Spike !!!
Hope to see you again !!

May 17, 2010 6:56am
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1 had a great shoot with spike and tamrin at the derelict pool shoot, communication was ecellent and Spike is very very professional, makes you feel very comfortable and explains what he wants, highly recomend to all, thank you fot a great day spike.
May 15, 2010 5:42pm
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1 have to add anothere reference to lovley mr brown! not only was it the best shoot ive ever had! But the images he captured were amazing and i couldnt ask for anything better! Not only this he listened to what i wanted contributed his own ideas and ACTUALLY photogrpahed it! so want anything done? no matter how mad ask spike!! from the scatterbrained! :D
Mar 14, 2010 5:47am
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1 Spike is a brilliant photographer to work with. He is very professional and knows exactly what he wants but at the same time makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed.
He is also the master of lighting! If you get the chance to work with Spike then grab it with both hands!!

Dec 2, 2009 5:32pm
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1 excellent photographer to work with- inspirational stuff thanx.
Nov 28, 2009 7:58pm
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1 Sorry this is late!!!!!

Spike very nice and easy to get along with gives direction well and my god does he know his lighting gold star for you spike xx

Nov 28, 2009 4:50pm
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1 sorry reference is late!

but let me start spike what a great guy!! funny chap and also a great tog!! he knows his lighting and also makes you feel at ease! highly reccomned!!

Nov 27, 2009 9:35am
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1 Worked with Spike a few weekends ago. He is such a lovely guy and worked really hard to get the best shot. Can't wait to work with him again! Really made me feel at ease - especially when I was outside in the freezing cold!!!
Nov 6, 2009 8:21am
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