Soham, United Kingdom
Feb 24, 2020
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107 lbs / 49 kgs
32" D
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Hi everyone!! This is my about me, and my T&C! I am now only doing very occasional paid modelling work as I am concentrating on my new business, and only with very nice people! I'm no longer doing any home shoots, nor am I doing any discounts. I have nearly 6 years' worth of experience and a hell of a lot of photos, so no more TF unless you are absolutely exceptional, and have a full team. Also, just because I do paid work, that doesn't mean I will work with you if you offer me money. Of course, if you want to offer me photos on a paid shoot, I won't decline, although this is never expected. My rate is £30p/h. No haggling, if you don't like my price then that's fine. There are plenty of less experienced models who will do a job half arsed and work for peanuts. Travel expenses will be charged if I have to travel more than 20 minutes each way. The clock starts when I get to the studio/location till when I leave. If we run 10 minutes over the clock re-starts. My time includes breaks, they're awesome and keep me happy and create much better photos. I don't piss take, I don't stop every 5 minutes for a fag (I don't smoke anyway) and I won't be hung over (I don't drink). The only time I will ever have to cancel is if it is 24 hours into my period where I am unable to move. In this instance an alternative date will be arranged at your convenience. I work to nude, but all levels will be made on a per booking basis. If you have no experience chances are I won't be taking my clothes off for you. No touching. At all. I don't care if I have a loose hair or my label is sticking out. Don't do it! I will not wear fur, suede, leather, or the skin of any animal. No email tennis please! It would be lovely in your first email if you would include the following Where the shoot is How long the shoot is for What I need to bring with me My valid ID is my passport and my driving license. More than happy to work with other models, in fact I love it! I can suggest some gorgeous girlies who are more than happy to work with me, and some very well kitted out studios. I will only disclose these studios after a booking has been finalized but they will always be within 30 minutes of me. Now that all that boring and yucky stuff is out the way, you'll find I'm actually a very nice person. I like nice chatty people with a music collection and a passion for their work. If you can cope with all that and my dry sense of humour, we will get on very well Smile Ooh ooh, also, I'm a vegetarian and I like cookies (just in case you want to feed me Wink ) Thanks! Emma.

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