Worthing, United Kingdom
Aug 9, 2016
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108 lbs / 49 kgs
32" B
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Hi there, I'm Kiana. Thanks for stopping by! I've been modelling for over 18 months now, and it’s not only a job, but also a passion. I always put 110% effort in, to make sure you get what you need to achieve from the shoot, whatever it may be! I'm very focused and extremely versatile in front of the camera. I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing photographers and models, from whom I've learnt a lot, but I'm always looking to learn more in this ever growing business. I do a variety of different levels, please contact me for rates. Travel is not a problem as I drive, but I will use public transport if it’s easier. I have 4 tattoos all of stars, 1 on my neck, 1 on my left hand, 3 on my left ankle and 3 on my lower stomach, just above my knicker line. I have 21 piercing's (All removable, apart from my hand and hood of clit) 6 in my left ear, 6 in my right ear, nose, tongue, 2 in the left of my lip, belly button, both my nipples, the hood of my clit and 1 in the middle of the star tattoo on my left hand. I'm very easy to get along with, bubbly and willing to try anything! (Within reason!) I'm afraid I rarely do TF*, but if your wonderfully creative and can add something different to my folio then I will definitely consider it. If there's anything else you need to know don't hesitate to ask. Look forward to working with you, Kiana x My website - I also have a great contact who is an inexpensive, high quality web designer for models - (I am surprised to see these comments from Steve26 I have arranged to work with Steve on 2 occasions and unfortunately due to conditions outside of my control I have not been able to make the shoot. On both occasions I kept Steve up to date on what was going on and apologised. The first one there was a suicide on the train track and all trains to London were cancelled. Yesterday, on my way to the shoot, my car broke down and I had to be towed home. As I say above on both occasions, the first thing I did was inform Steve that I wouldn't be able to make the shoot) Published in... Naughty Neighbours magazine April 2011 H & E Naturist magazine April 2011 H & E Naturist magazine November 2011 Photographers I've Worked with... Creamtop, Red Pepper, Zzdigital x8, Stuart23 x2, photomaster, TimC, Continuum Studio, C Bushe, LesterC x5, Tuknir x9, Explorer Zone x3, PaulQ x6, Cziiki, siras x5, Brian Brown x2, homage, Gazagb, Shaun Hodge, Bdfoto, Nick@Search, DJglam x3, Clarmike x2, Highspeed x2, Cassell x4, Sabrebound, Scubie, Rod, Teddy B, Justin1974, David Churchyard Girlstyle x5, Bninja, Bikie, Martin Robinson x2, Shaun Daniels, Chris Baytor x4, MicB312, TonyS, PaulGiovannimod, Duncan Macniven x2 The Professor x2, Ike Nossel x4, SkidMarc, Greg Brown, Stavros, Crusier, Jake41, RussB x2,Picmaster, Dark And Light Photos, iceman291uk, JohnDave2, Image020a, Kyrosphoto, David Hibbered,Charlie CFNM, Leigh, Iannem x2, Johnboy2, Mark Ho, Kev Keranda, Andy Green x2 , Paz, GCImages Models I've worked with... Normio, Serena Lou x2, Red, Paige Fox, Jade Green, Cassidy Star x3, Chrissy X

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